Quality Tile Work

tile floorWm Guillermo Ortiz is an independent licensed tile contractor based in Richmond, Calif. and works throughout the Bay Area as owner of Ortiz Tile. Since 1990 he has established a successful business and reputation as a quality craftsman. He has worked for a number of designers, architects and contractors including Cheng Design in Berkeley, Leger Wanaselja Architecture in Berkeley and Master Builders in Oakland.

His installations and designs have incorporated granite, marble and limestone as well as ceramic and Mexican talavera tile in bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces and entryways. His work has been included in Fu-Tung Cheng’s book Concrete at Home and Sunset magazine. Increasingly, he is designing functional installations in floors, fireplaces and entryways which reflect indigenous design and sacred motifs.


tilework example"What I'd like to say, what the world should know is:   Guillermo Ortiz is an excellent tiler, but he is also fun to be around. To get the full GO experience get to know him on the job, of course, get his design ideas, but also get his philosophical ones as well. He may arrive as an unknown tradesman, but will leave as a friend."

Mino de Angelis
General Contractor since 1979
Berkeley, Calif

"It has been my professional pleasure to have had Wm G Ortiz as a tile craftsman on many of my projects over the past 25 years. Meticulous, caring craftspeople such as he, are the unsung heroes of designers such as myself---putting to reality our visions and ideas. Mr. Ortiz will be an asset because of the skilled application of his craft, and is always a lighthearted, jovial presence on any job."

Fu-Tung Cheng, Principal
Cheng Design
Berkeley Calif.

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