wedding ceremonyOrdained Minister

Wm Guillermo Ortiz is an ordained minister who received his Master of Divinity in 2006 from the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking in Ashland, Oregon. He conducts weddings, coming-of-age initiations, last rites and public ceremonies.


As a duly ordained minister, M. Div., I offer wedding services from the simple to the elaborate. I will initially meet with the prospective couple to see if we're a right fit. If so, we proceed to determine the look and feel of the ceremony, vows, special requests, readings, music, rehearsal, etc. Services range from $300 - $400 and include paperwork.

Sam and WilliamRites of Passage

I also offer coming of age ceremonies for young men. These usually take place around the 13th birthday of the lad and often have an outdoor component where the young man is in the company of his "uncles" or older men who have played a role in his life. Often there is a challenge for the young man to demonstrate his resolve. A reception is held with family and friends to welcome the young man back into the community.


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